Moving Table Loader


It seems that, just like the fashion industry, in the field of office furniture we can talk about trends, trends in terms of materials, colors and shapes that predominate in certain periods of time. There are some classic lines, shades and tasteful volumes, whose modernity is not lost with time.
Whatever the trends in office design are, however, there are certain issues that can not accept compromises. Functionality and ergonomics remain a very important segment of office furniture. Such pieces are meant to support the streamline work you need to do and respect interior design elements required by the rest of your house. Besides the lights, color and other accessories, the interior design of the office furniture also means decorating with good taste. Office furniture is the most important part of the scenery as it highlights the beauty and refinement of your working space.
Therefore, for those of you that like their workspace to be neat and clean, we want to share with you the “table-loader” a piece created by combining two desks, one upper desk made of metal and a lower one that is made of wood. This minimalistic piece is designed by Studio Stephan Schulz.
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