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Multifunctional Bed’n Table

Erick Griffioen designed the Bed’n Table and presented it at the Salone del Mobile 2013. This is a piece designed especially for small spaces. Erick thought about fusing together two pieces of furniture so that function and form get to work together, mostly inspired by the process of evolution. This design suits a variety of rooms, because you can use this piece in a small apartment or a loft while it is also suited for a clean lined master bedroom in a house. If you decide to use such a piece, you will sleep, eat, work and relax all around the Bed’n Table. You will want to rethink the space you use in your crib. Erick probably got his success also because he got to realize how important craftsmanship and material are for a design after seeing the time consuming and complicated process of the production. You will love this latest interior design experiment since you can see that durability and quality are important equally to create exciting ambitious designs and comfort.