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Nadir Watch

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When purchasing a watch, no one is asked how is he going to wear it. Because the answer seems logical and rational. Yet the simple things can be very complicated sometimes.
Everything is made up of small details and the details can be more important than the whole product. Although no official conduct exists in how to wear a wrist watch, some rules are necessary. The first rule would be about the size of a watch casing. Although the styles and tastes differ, the watch casing should not exceed the width of the wrist nor should it be too small.
In other issues, the owner has the freedom to choose how to wear the watch on. For example, some prefer to keep it tight on the wrist – while others leave it so wide that it can rotate freely. If leisure or night it is desirable to have a loose hand, in the presence of others however you do not want your watch to be turned upside down because this detail shows negligence.
Another rule refers to the moment you decide to wear a certain type of watch. Of course, anyone can do what he wants with his property, but wearing a delicate watch during extreme activity where it will almost certainly be damaged is a really stupid decision. Also during sport activities it is better to have a watch with a metal bracelet or rubber strap because leather in contact with sweat can catch a strong smell.
When you are in the middle of a conversation do not play with yourwatch and do not even look at it in an obvious way. This can demonstrate boredom or haste, both situations showing a lack of civility. And when you have an important discussion, avoid wearing a watch too opulent or one with tourbillon that may be distracting or disturbing others.
Watches today are both a useful accessory function and an indicator of social status. Concerning the wristwatch, social status is NOT given by the number of diamonds that it is adorned with or a housing made of precious fabric, but  by the style, functionality and how it integrates with the owner’s personality.
The watch we want to share with you today is the Nadir watch; this unisex watch designed by Damian Barton, measures 40 mm in diameter and has a unique way of telling the time. Buy it here
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