Northern Wisps Nordic Cabins

Nordic Cabins

How bad is Bartosz Domiczek a term (sorry for all Thor temporarily), but the boy is beautiful. At Séiranger exit the Northern Wisps Nordic Cabins are a concept we like to do.

The Astros Thorsmörk (valley of Thoren) is the home of Iceland between the glaciers Eyjafjallajökull, Mýrdalsjökul and Tindfjallajökull. These illuminated names of cables developed by the Polish architect Bartosz Domiczek. Domiczek has presented the design as an entrance for Ronen Bekerman’s Cabins 3d Challenge. The cabins are beautiful monoliths, as the Nordic Frost Giants consumes the Odin. Its interior is warm and comfortable. The cabins were shortly in the vicinity of the valley, with the idea of northern gods on a pot.
The 100% sustainable houses have composted toilets, rainwater and solar energy. The whole of philosophy is to learn that no research has been cut. The cabin was built of high-quality material and is designed to have a light lifestyle with minimal emissions by enabling the environment and every respect. In the cabin, the furniture was made very small. The energy supply of the cabin is completely renewable; Electricity generates solar panels while the coffees of Walla, caucus and regeneration at the Nest MY Renewable Diesel, 100% waste.


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