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Office Shed for the Backyard

Platform 5 architects have envisioned a flag with an interesting shape in London, England.
Function and sculpture have combined to create a special design. The structure houses has an office and was situated at the rear of a house in 1950. This makes the transition to the garden in an interesting way, building wooden circular flowing in the green grass. This sculptural wooden object hidden in the garden has a small office and a storage area. This elliptical loop like a chip of wood laid on the grass, light and airy, has a terrace at the end. The interior is lined with oak and is equipped with office supplies where two skylights and bay windows provide an important natural light throughout.
A beautiful way to add an outdoor room while magnifying the garden with a natural sculptural installation. Take a close look at the pictures, and make sure you share with us your opinion on this project.






Office-Shed-for-the-Backyard-06 Office-Shed-for-the-Backyard-07