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Olive Nest Tiny House

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Hey guys, this tiny house is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to keep their distance from people in this difficult COVID-19 period. The best addition to this Olive Nest Tiny House is the trailer with a greenhouse.

The exterior is finished with 1×8 cedar shiplap siding, a matching four-panel glass front door, and a gray standing seam metal roof. Many windows around the house are providing very nice natural light.

However, on the inside is the real beauty of this house. Namely, Olive Nest Tiny Home includes a pivoting bar, custom live edge stair treads, and a bathroom counter. Moreover, the bar accommodates four people when pivoted out, and two people against the wall. In addition, there is a nice zone lighting system with engraved control panels.

On the other hand, the kitchen includes a full-size gas range, quartz countertops, and a refrigerator.

The color combination throughout the whole house is very nice. It gives a nice and calming effect while you will enjoy the nice images and drinking your favorite wine.

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