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Organization Hacks for Kids Bedrooms

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It is always fun and adorable to buy furniture and decoration items for kids’ bedrooms. But when it comes to organization and keeping the room tidy, it is not that easy. Kids have a lot of stuff that you should keep organizing. We know that you always tidy up your house, and your kids pull their toys and accessories up again. We have some ideas that will help you. Moreover, if you collaborate with your kids, they may have fun with these kids’ room organization ideas.


Hanging Baskets

Kids like to play with their toys. But after some time, they put away some of their toys. In addition, they do not want to give them up sometimes, they put away some of their toys. In addition, they do not want to give them up. And they do not let you donate their toys. You can hang several baskets on the wall. In this way, you will not need to spare storage, especially for the toys. Moreover, in the kid rooms, your kids will see their toys on the wall and they will feel secure. Whenever they want, you can take the toy that your kid wants to play with.


hanging baskets for kids room toys



Storage Baskets in the Closet

Plastic and textile storage baskets are inexpensive solutions for kids room organization. You can find baskets that you can hang in the closet. Or, if you have space, you can use these baskets inside the drawers or on the shelves. This way, you can categorize your kid’s belongings.





Storage Bins

You can use storage bins everywhere. But for kids bedrooms, you should definitely get several of them. In order to hide storage bins, you can use them under the bed. Try to find flat binders and put them under the bed. You can put your kids clothes that they cannot wear in that season or toys that they do not want to play with anymore, and so on.




Accessory Hangers

If you have a daughter and you do not know where to keep all the hair accessories, you should get an accessory hanger. This way, your daughter will see a showcase for her hair accessories, and the room will be more colorful. Accessory hangers are a great way for kids room organization.


Wall Easel

We know that your kids like to draw their masterpieces on the wall. We also know that it is not easy to keep your walls clean. You can hang a wall easel in your kids bedroom. You will see that your kids will have fun while drawing on the easel.




Book Baskets

Wire baskets are easy to use for both you and your kids. You can put your kids books and toys into the laundry baskets. If you want, you can hang these baskets on the wall or door. So, if your kids see their books in front of them, they may want to read more. If wire baskets do not match your furniture, you can use wooden shelves or crates for kids bedrooms as well.


Magnetic Wallboard

If your kids like magnetic toys and keep losing them, magnetic wallboard will be the best solution for you. Here are the steps for creating your DIY wallboard:

  • Buy a metal board at Walmart or similar stores.
  • Paint the board with the color that your kid likes.
  • Add a wooden or plastic frame so that your kids do not hurt themselves.
  • Hang the board on the wall.

Finally, your magnetic wall board is ready for your kids. We believe that it is one of the greatest hacks for kids bedrooms.



Bedside Pocket Organizers

In order to keep your kids stuff organized, you can sew or buy bedside pocket organizers. Your kids can organize their own belongings, or you can help them organize. Thus, you will no longer see things on the floor or the night table.


Bedside pocket organizer for kids bedrooms



You put your kids belongings or clothes where they belong. But your kids keep pulling them out, right? We have an easy and fun solution. You can stick labels on each closet or drawer so that your kids cannot get confused. So, we are sure that they will try their best for their kids room organization.


label for kids room organization

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