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9 DIY Bathroom Ideas Good for Our Souls

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Did you know that you spend at least 1 hour and 42 minutes in your bathroom? This is an average number. Can you guess people who read books, and watch videos in the bathroom? As you can understand, the time we spend in the bathroom should not be underrated. Therefore, we collected some DIY bathroom ideas in order to help you create a more functional bathroom.


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Place Shelves

Not only in our bathroom but also everywhere in our house, shelves are important. They help us organize ourselves. Shelves in the bathroom, especially wooden, rustic appearance ones, will create a fresh atmosphere in your bathroom. If you put accessories like candles, scents, or small succulents in your bathroom, it will become more like a hidden heaven.


Put a Vanity Tray

If you have space, you can put a vanity tray in your bathroom. You can stick the wooden parts with glue and paint these parts with wood paint. A wooden vanity tray is one of the easiest DIY bathroom ideas. You can put flowers, and pretty bottles on the tray in order to give it a better appearance.



Use Jars as Organizers

DIY bathroom ideas are not limited to wooden blocks. We are sure that you have many glass or plastic jars waiting empty in your cabinets. It is time to take these jars out. We have some bathroom decor ideas. You can pick jars from different sizes. Our first step is to remove the label from the jar. If it is not easy to remove, wash the jar in hot water. When you finish cleaning your jars from labels, you can pick a paint and change the color of your jar. For bathrooms, light blue, pink, or neutral tones may look nice. Let your jars dry for a while. In the final step, you can put items into jars like cotton, toothbrushes, flowers, etc.

Create a Bathmat from Wine Corks

Have you ever thought that you could create a bathmat from wine corks? This is one of the most creative DIY bathroom ideas. The first step is to collect wine corks. If you do not like wine so much or do not want to wait to collect all those wine corks, you can buy them from stores. All you need is to stick the wine corks to each other. In order to make it easier for you, you can use a piece of linen as a mat and stick the corks on this mat. It will be easier to stick all the pieces together.


Design Your Own Toilet Paper Holder

You have not thought of a toilet paper holder in your bathroom decor ideas, right? Now is the time. You may not see the toilet paper holder as an important step, but we would like to remind you that every small change will make you feel different. You can use small pieces of wood in order to design your own toilet paper holder. For this step, you should use a wood dowel to stick the wood parts.

Do not Forget About the Towel Hanger

After designing toilet paper, we believe that you would design towel hangers from the same material. because bathroom decor ideas require sets. You can use the same wooden materials as you used for the toilet paper holder for your towel hanger. You will use a wood dowel for this piece as well.



Hang a shelf near the toilet paper holder.

As you can understand, our team likes shelving. In order to keep the necessary items near you while you are in the bathroom, you can add one more shelf near your toilet paper holder. You can use this shelf for placing your comics or short stories while hanging in the bathroom, or putting some flowers, or scented candles. It’s all your choice! You are doing great performing bathroom decor ideas.


Create Your Own Waste Basket

DIY bathroom ideas will help you create an authentic and functional bathroom, we said. So far, we think that we have cleared something up in your mind. Last but not least bathroom idea is a wastebasket, which you will design yourself. If you have a basket, you can use it. If you do not have one, you can use 1-gallon or bigger water bottles as well. All you need is to wrap a rope whichever kind you would like. While wrapping the rope, do not forget to stick the rope to the basket with glue, silicone, or something else.

Paint the cabinet

If you do not like the color of the bathroom cabinet, you can paint it with wood dyes. Try to pick a color that will be in harmony with other items. After dying your cabinet, wait some time according to the paint’s instructions. Later, do not forget to varnish the cabinet in order to save the paint. You did a great job following these DIY bathroom ideas!


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