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Outdoor Sink Made of a Wine Barrel

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If you find an old barrel somewhere, we advice you to turn it into both a functional and decorative sink for outdoor use. This is a project that can be made with a big or small buddget just the way you desire it.

You will need one 55 gallon oak barrel, a bar sink, a faucet, some copper roofing nails, silicon sealer, sink drain, some metal support straps to hold the door wood, door hardware, water in connectors, plastic drain extender and connectors to the sump pump connector, hose drain, ABS glue #8 ¾” stainless screws for securing the wood staves to the metal rings, steel wool to sand the metalic rings for painting, metal paint primer, metal paint, masking tape for painters, deck stain repellent and paint brushes.

Begin by securing the wood staves to the metal rings, for if you remove any part of the vertical staves, the pieces above and below can fall out. Secure the wood by drilling two holes through the metal ring and underlying wood.

For the door section, use a miter saw for cutting and finish the cuts with a jigsaw. For the water acces and drain opening, use a drill to make a pilot hole for the jigsaw to make the cuts. When you are done making the cuts for the door opening, you should mark the cut out boards, so that you remember the order for reassembling. Find the center of the barrel and place the cooper sink upside down to trace the outer flange, then cut an inner form, to allow a lip to secure the sink. Use a hole saw for the faucet opening. Now you should treat the wood to protect the oak and metal. To do this you should sand the metal rings and tap above and below the metal rings with blue masking tape, then use satin black paint for them. For the outside of the barrel use deck water repellent with no pre-sanding. When done painting, leave your work to dry out over night. Attatch the sink and faucer. Aply a bead of silicone along the edges and allow it to dry before connecting to water. Move on to attaching the door hinges and hardware. Take care of the water hookups and drain adding pipe adapters to connect flexible hose for drainage. Connect to water source and check for leaks and proper drainage.



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