Nature Enters This Pastel Green Café in China Through Irregular Curves

Nature Enters This Beautiful Pastel Green Café in China Through Irregular Curves


The ‘dressing for fun renewal’ café by NTYPE architecture looks like a pastel green construction pierced by organic-shaped openings. It dwells in a busy city center of a Chinese metropolis. This concept incorporates plants into the façade as well as the internal area. The purpose of the design is to create a relaxing atmosphere for guests.

The facade takes on an organic form. Its function is to reveal a peek of the inside. Also, it helps in enticing passers-by to enter the store or relax on the custom-designed urban furniture.

NTYPE architecture helped rebuild this space five years after its completion. The structure assisted in giving the neighborhood a new appearance. People are guided around the 19-meter-deep L-shaped room by organic volumes. These organic volumes were initially defined by a strict column grid spacing of 2.7m to 4.2m.

Different scales along the continuous spatial sequence of passage into the home help supplement the space. The spatial sequence of passage is sometimes narrowing down and sometimes expanding up. This increases the depth and complexity of this very restricted space.

The architects placed irregular-sized and shaped openings with unique perspectives. These irregular-shaped openings help create curiosity. They also help in producing a sequence of surprising moments.

Outside the bathroom, there is an oval shape opening on the wall. Its purpose is to allow viewing of the green plants in the backyard. The sink has a unique and custom-made design. It provides a channel through which the water from hand washing passes to a lower-level planter.

During the renewal period, there is a very complicated use of the façade. This complexity is because of the store’s location on the street, lined with styphnolobium japonicum trees. It’s also a result of the client’s request for a café program.

Nature Enters This Pastel Green Café in China Through Irregular Curves


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