Pixeled Sofa


We would like to bring to your attention a different style that is definitely not news for those of you that are passionate about design. This is a typical product of a new generation of designers, those designers that grew up with computers, they played their games and learned to use their software. For them, working with digital images and pixels is a natural thing. It is therefore equally natural that their proposals in any new design for furniture or even vehicles also has digital aesthetics. Nothing is better than starting with the simplest element, and in their case this one is precisely the pixel.
Cristian Zuzunaga is clearly obsessed with pixels. Therefore, he designed this sofa covered with a fabric that has a pattern composed of polychrome huge squares and certainly not for lack of resolution… The prototype will be produced by the Danish firm Kvadrat and sold through Moroso. The final question is what will you see from the distance?