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Relax in Nature With a Cozy Swing Bed

Ever thought how a swing bed would make your Sunday evenings more comfortable? Yes a swing is always nice to lie down and soak the sun, but a comfortable swing bed will definitely be a better idea. You could very easily install such a bed, in your backyard and not even worry about the sunlight.

The cover of the swing is removable, so you could easily customize the amount of sunlight you receive as per your preference. The width is somewhere around 160 cm; the hammock is very easy to hang and the dimensions are and its dimensions are: 340 x 160 x 175 cm (length x width x height) and can support a weight up to 200kg.

The base of the bed is also very comfortable as well as sturdy. The roof and floor are made of polyester while the rest of the structure is made of high quality wood.

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