Ruan Hao – CATable: A Paradise For Cats


The CATable is actually a piece of furniture that will help busy humans and bored cats to, finally, be able to coexist peacefully. The table was shown in an exhibition at Milan University as part of Milan design week and its designer is the Chinese architect, Ruan Hao, who is working for Hangzhou and Hong Kong-based architecture firm LYCS.
Made from a solid piece of wood, the table has a network of smooth wooden tunnels that are just the right size for your feline friend to creep and crawl through. In the top of the table there is another funky tunnel and it is funny just imagining the cat popping up, unexpectedly while its owner is working. The table also features angled wooden legs that have been stained with a darker pigment, very fitting to such a quirky, animal friendly table. This animal-orientated furniture is the perfect table for anyone who needs to work peacefully and not to be bothered every five minutes by his acrobatic fluffy pet called a cat.