Sasan Magic Carpet


The carpet in the living room is an elegant addition to any type of living rooms and bedrooms of many homes. It can easily be placed even in the bathrooms or hung on a wall as a tapestry. It is a functionally and aesthetically attractive object, it can also serve as a seat or as a kit simply aesthetic without the space around it to be saturated. In the family of carpets there are the most varied shapes and sizes, materials, colors and patterns. In particular, we would like to talk now about Sasan Magic Carpet, which is a magic carpet for the living room, created by designer Alexander Munk for Design Bureau.

The main quality of this magic carpet for the living room is its versatility: it is a complement that can be placed in many different locations, to rest, read, talk and sleep. And when not in use, you can safely fold and put it away somewhere in the house, this way achieving considerable savings in terms of floor space. In the mind of its creator, this magic carpet for the living room would be as versatile as a Swiss boxcutter, and the comparison is more than suited since just like a Swiss boxcutter, it can be used for outdoor conditions, for summer camps, Sunday grills, afternoons at the river and so on.