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Discover the Secrets of Indian Home Decor: 7 Essential Steps to Transform Your Space

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More than 50 thousand years ago, Homo sapiens arrived in India. The rich landscape opened its arms to human beings. Probably the first settlers did not know that the Indian lands would host the second-biggest population in the world. India has a very rich culture in terms of religion, spoken languages, cuisine, movies, and many other things. As the population is enormous and its culture is all around the world, Indian living styles have become popular in the last decade. Especially in Bollywood, audiences try to follow the latest trends. On the other hand, traditional Indian culture has a massive effect on people. If you are an Indian culture lover and try to change your lifestyle, you may begin with Indian home décor.

We would like to state that Indian decoration items are generally colorful, just like in the movies. The best part of Indian-style home décor items is that they match modern items as well. Feel free to choose the items you love. You will see that these items will go perfectly with modern furniture.


7 On Budget Steps of Indian Decor


Wooden Swing

You have probably seen many Indian homes that have a nice, elegant wooden swing. If you have a large living room, you can hang a wooden swing there. The traditional wooden swing is a good and fun way to start your Indian home décor journey. So, do you think you can install a swing in your living room? Another idea is to create a reading corner with the swing. If you choose a comfy chair, you can read your novels under a cozy light.

Copper and brass pots

Who does not love Indian pots? You can find thousands of copper and brass pot types in online stores. To create an Indian home décor atmosphere in your home, you should definitely get metal pots or vases. You can use them as accessories.

Low Seating

Low seating, or Bhartiya Baithak, is common in India. In the movies and song videos, you have probably observed that Indians love sitting on the ground and folding their legs. This style may seem easy, but be sure that after a while you will not feel your legs! But, in time, you get used to this style, and everything becomes better. You can have standard-height seating. On the other hand, you can create an Indian corner with Bhartiya Baithak. You will have a warm time with yourself or your loved ones in this corner.


Let us say that you do not have space for additional furniture for Indian home décor. And you’d like to add Indian decoration items. Then Jharokha is the best for you. Jharokha is a type of wall-hanging accessory. It is generally made of wood. It is a type of balcony that Indian architects generally use in Rajasthan. This item is very common in modern Indian homes.

Hand-block printing

Fabrics that are manufactured with hand-block printing techniques are one of the main parts of Indian culture. Hand-block printing, in short, is a technique in which masters carve the desired pattern on a wooden block. Later, the blocks are covered with dye or ink. The last step is to stamp the block on the fabric. This technique is not easy. If you find fabrics such as bedsheets, pillows, or curtains, do not think about it anymore and buy them!

Wall Art: Folk Art

In India, there are 387 languages and tens of religions that people actively practice. This cultural wealth creates the perfect place to perform art. From common people to professionals, people paint figures or stories on canvas. You can check out Madhubani, Pattachitra, or Warli folk paintings. If some of them are suitable for you, you can get them and hang them on your walls to create the perfect Indian home décor.


Indian rugs

There are a few countries famous for their handmade rugs. And India is one of them. You will feel the difference between traditional and artisanal Indian rugs and machine-made ones. Even though Indian rugs seem traditional, they perfectly fit with modern furniture or fabrics. Besides all that, the locals generally make these rugs from sustainable materials!


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