Moccle wooden bicycle

Discover the Moccle: A Unique Wooden Bicycle Blending Style and Comfort


Designer Masateru Yasuda from Japan created the Moccle bicycle, which uses the flexibility and vibration-absorbing properties of wood. Inspired by how Japanese buildings withstand earthquakes, Yasuda integrated these features into the Moccle’s design.

The Moccle has a curved wooden frame made of layers of plywood and carbon fiber as well. Metal equipment holds the frame together and helps absorb shocks from bumps on the road.


wooden bike

Masateru Yasuda


The Winner of the A’Design Award is The Moccle

The Moccle bicycle debuted at the Wood Collection Show in Tokyo in January 2023 and won the A’ Design Award. It’s a fun wood bicycle with a unique look that prioritizes the joy of riding. Unlike regular bikes, the Moccle doesn’t have gears, a dashboard, or shock absorbers. Instead, it uses its curved wooden frame for shock absorption.

The flexible plywood frame, held in place by metal fixtures. It bends when pressure is applied, absorbing stress from uneven surfaces and rough terrains. Moreover, this design concept is similar to how traditional Japanese buildings handle tectonic stress during earthquakes. Yasuda also notes the similarity between wood and carbon fiber, both being carbon-based materials. Additionally, to create the frame, Yasuda carefully layers thin sheets of carbon fiber between wood sheets to ensure durability and resistance to shrinkage or cracks. The final plywood is shaped using steam bending. The wooden frame is then attached to metal holders, creating a sturdy yet flexible bicycle built to last.


bicycle chain

Masateru Yasuda


The Moccle is designed for leisurely rides. It allows riders to pedal comfortably in casual clothes and also enjoy a relaxing time at their favorite cafe. It’s a recreational wooden bicycle that focuses on enjoying life rather than performance or challenging terrains.

The Moccle project started in 1999, resulting in the first wooden bicycle made in Osaka, Japan. The second model was developed in Nagano in 2012 and named Moccle. Production of the third model began in 2019 and was showcased at the Wood Collection Show in Tokyo in January 2023.


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Masateru Yasuda