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Shipping Container Homes Hit Indiegogo

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The Container Project Is a BOGO which recycles used shipping containers into beautiful habitable homes.

Santa Monica, California local Michael Bodell, starts a Buy One Give One for homes made from recycled shipping containers. The Container Project takes retired shipping containers and recycles them into beautiful, LEED Certified homes. The Project builds two large modern homes and immediately sells them. The profit from those homes funds a third home which is donated to a family who’s lost theirs. The goal of the project is to provide disaster and interim relief homes to those left in crisis, all while utilizing abandoned materials.  

The Idea was inspired from the ticketing booths at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which are made from used shipping containers. “Our mission is to blossom The Container Project into a creative movement where sustainable architecture is everywhere, starting in California and spreading across the U.S.”
With over 300,000,000 million inactive containers around the world, this project has limitless resources to achieve its goal. Each container makes its journey around the world and then retires. Michael states “You have to imagine them as seven ton disposable water bottles, once their done most people throw them away instead of recycling them. That’s where we come in. We’re like the recycling facility, but instead of melting them down to make something new, we modify them into habitable pieces of art. “

Michael and his team take one to eight containers and modify them by cutting out openings and windows with a plasma cutter. Once the openings are cut, they are reinforced with steel to regain any integrity lost from the areas removed. The containers are then welded together which completes the shell. The containers are then welded to the foundation and the basics of the home are complete. Things like denim insulation, solar panels, water catchment systems and energy efficient appliances are installed and the rest of the home comes together with traditional methods.

Currently the project is raising money on a crowd funding website that helps entrepreneurs, like Michael fund their creative projects. The Container Project was just launched and boasts some awesome rewards in return for donations. The rewards start at your signature on the house, all the way up to Michaels very own classic sports car. The project needs to reach $39,000 dollars in order to build its first home.

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Website: project

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