The Perfectly Designed Tiny Home in the Shipping Container

It is a common perception that everything is big when it comes to Texas. But this tiny home we are referring to is contradicting in so many ways. The home is located in the Needville, Texas and Backcountry Containers are the builders behind it. When you look at it, you now know that the shipping containers have the perfect structure for a home. They are built in such a way that they can withstand pressure and they are completely leak proof to avoid any mishap to the contents when they fall off the boat. And hence when converted into a home, they are the perfect one you can ever ask for.

The design of these homes is not just cool but is completely friendly to the environment. They are also sturdy. To take for example the home featured on this page is complete with compartments and closet to store hundreds of shoes of the owner. The love that was put into building this home is quite evident in the way it has been made.

In case you are looking for a tiny home for yourself, you should get yourself a shipping container home such as this or use these images as inspiration to make one of your own.

The home featured here is in Texas countryside and was built by the Backcountry Containers.

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