‘Slashed’ Sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth


If a sofa is slashed in your home, you would probably despair about having to replace the furniture piece. However, in case of the slashed sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth, it is considered to be a piece of art and a unique furniture design that begs for attention and for a premium price. Charlotte Kingsworth is a British designer of repute who gave new meaning to “slashed” his new design of a sofa cum ottoman due to a slash that is incorporated in a living furniture piece, skillfully created by a knife.

As you can find in the illustrations given, the slash is a bold one and created lengthways. It reveals the layers inside, akin to a wound which exposes the inner materials and in a permanent manner. The slash helps to create a new structure, a seat and ottoman blend that is unique. Indeed, people who are looking around for unique furniture pieces to adorn their living room and form conversation pieces will surely want this uniquely crafted furniture item for their home. Charlotte is known to offer other uniquely designed furniture items as well, which can be found in associated portals. One can take a glimpse of the furniture here in order to get a closer view of the item.

'Slashed' Sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth 1 'Slashed' Sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth 2 'Slashed' Sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth 3 'Slashed' Sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth 4 'Slashed' Sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth 5