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World’s Smallest Diving Equipment

Are you adventurous to explore beauties and discover the world under the water? There is a whole new world beneath the surface of the water that very less of us have the courage to find out what is going on under the water. Yes you are adventurous, yes you want to explore the world under the sea but do you know what equipments you will need? NEMO will take over from here and answer your questions. Regular diving equipment is very heavy and not easy to use. So what is the difference of NEMO among other diving equipment?

First of all, with its Surface-Supplied Air Dive system, the individual diver can go down up to 10 feet under the water where they can see spectacular views. It is very easy to carry and travel thanks to its size and lightweight while NEMO backpack offers you easily carry and enriches your experience.

World's Smallest Diving Equipment

How Does Nemo Work?

NEMO  includes air compressor powered with custom batters. Inside of NEMO, there is a custom battery-powered air compressor. The diver inhales the air pumped by the compressor through the 10-foot hose and out through their patent-pending Smart Reg™.

With Smart Reg™, NEMO checks the breathing pattern of the diver to let the compressor send the air when it is needed. In other words, it helps you breathe rather than pushing air. Whether you are an underwater photographer, ocean explorer or a treasure hunter, NEMO is your only friend under the water.

World's Smallest Diving Equipment