Smart Public Furniture In Budapest

Urban life largely takes place in public, on streets and in pedestrian zones, in squares and in parks. How these areas are perceived by the public, and how they may be used, directly contributes to the quality of life.Public furniture design and urban street furniture is a unique way to enrich the community and its surroundings. The range of innovative products offered by All Urban focus on design and durability, ultimately producing some of the most stylish public furniture that is built to last. The addition of furniture can create an interest for the public and helps to encourage interaction with in the public space or park. This gives the community an area they can use regularly – benches, tables and shelters are all perfect examples of ways in which people can interact with the space. So this eco-furniture is helping us to charge our phone or other electronic devices by solar energy. Hello Wood has designed that creative and useful public furniture in Budapest.

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