Spa Into a Historic Brewery


Located in Zurich, Switzerland, this former brewery is called Hürlimann Brewery. It was founded in 1836 by Albert Hürlimann and it was managed by his family for 5 generations. Along with Feldschlosschen, Haldengut and Cardinal Brewery, Hürlimann was among the main brewing companies in Switzerland. The founder had a history of yeast development, him being a world leader in the study of yeast. This brewery is own by Carlsberg since November 2000. The Hürlimann Brewery was transformed recently into a spa and now wears the name Thermalbad. In this old brewery, guests can enjoy a good swim in baths that were made in the architectural elements below ground that have been preserved for at least a hundred-year-old. On the rooftop there is this dramatic angular shaped swimming pool that is filled with warm thermal water that reaches up to 106 degrees, a swimming pool that offers the guests a great view of the city. Make sure you go and visit this spa if it happens you are nearby Zurich and we guarantee you will not regret it.