Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table

Going through our decor research, it is not uncommon to come across unusual or pretty incredible objects. This is exactly what happened when we found this table that is being the perfect example.

This is a table created by John Foster, with a leg that is being shaped like large diamonds that reflect the light on the walls, a table with a fashionable design that reflects ultra light. Transforming sunlight into lighting design, is perhaps the maximum of the glass tables created by designer John Foster. Interdisciplinary artist, Foster lives and works in Minneapolis, a city in the U.S. state of Minnesota. In his studio he expresses his art exploring how we relate to objects and architecture, “I’m fascinated by the geometry of our universe, the forces that shape our minds, bodies and experiences”, explains the artist. The table is named “Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table”. In order to play the card of transparency and give meaning to the desired effect, the glass top completes this piece, while a few diamonds still rise above.

To fully capture the full effect of this table, it should be put in a place that is bathed in light and the sun will shine on, making this great show on the walls. Absolutely incredible and well thought out table!

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