Stacking Nesting Table


According to the trend, every new piece of furniture you acquire has to have a modular packing system. Only this way you can have multiple utilities of the same piece meanwhile you can save a lot of space in this crowded world we already live in. You will be impressed by how many possibilities this Stacking Nesting Table can offer. This product designed by Florian Kräutli is a gathering of chairs, shelves or multiple tables while if not used, it can be deposited all in one small box. The Nesting Table is a lovely idea, but it is not known if it got into production. The Swiss designer that works in The Netherlands also designed a Magnetic Faceted Curtain that adds the power of magnets to a common curtain to create a a permanent sculptural shape if you pull or push the fabric. If you get to see some of his creations you get to believe that he is a forward thinking designer, and he sure knows to create some inspired and fun products.