Arceo Wallet

Arceo Wallet Stronger Than Steel


When you make your payments as safe as you want, the Arceo Wallet does not fold or even bend! Completely crafted from CNC, aerospace class carbon fiber, this wallet epitomizes the word to fit a solid structure and design. Arceo comes with cash as well as a combination of cards in a magnetically safe enclosure. Designed for space maximization, this card can be the only wallet with up to 14 cards!

Outside, the design of the wallet immediately conveys a solid, powerful and unimaginable visual language. A magnetic clip keeps cards safe and crashes down. Lack of partitioning means that whatever your card-to-cash ratio is, the wallet will be handled for you.

In fact, it may even be a loose change in the wallet. The bow movement of the wallet is a true spring, instead of relying on wear or broken elasticity or silicone bands. Spring holds two plates of your wallet in your cards/ cash/coins, so they don’t move around or rub against each other and are designed to last for life. To complete everything, Arceo comes with an attachment for your keys so that they can be securely positioned in your wallet and used when necessary. When you’re done, fold back into the carbon fiber sleeve of your wallet yal by placing all your important items in a single, compact, fully indestructible position.

This is because the unbreakable man deserves an unbreakable wallet!

Arceo Wallet Arceo Wallet Arceo Wallet Arceo Wallet Arceo Wallet