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Stunning Glass Countertops by CBD Glass

CBD Glass Studios based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has been creating unique glass products in their studios for decades.  These products range from glass sinks (such as the famous waterfall sink), glass backsplashes, to glass countertops and many more.  All of their products are custom made from scratch in their studios to the exact specifications of each individual client.  Their products can be customized with different colors, surface treatments, LED backlighting and much more.

Today they have provided us with a fantastic showcase of their magnificent glass countertop products.  These countertops have a few different options and variations, let’s go through the most common types.

Glass Countertops

countertop1 countertop2 sink1

The kitchen featured above has a custom glass countertop, glass island, and glass sink.  They have unique surface textures and lighting.

Raised Bar Glass Countertops

raisedbar1 raisedbar2


glassbar1 glassbar2

As you can see these countertops can be added to an existing countertop and can be customized with all of the same accessories offered for their glass countertops.

Glass Kitchen Islands

island1 island2 island3 island4

To see more of these incredible countertops or to browse the entire portfolio of CBD Glass Studio’s products check out their website: http://www.cbdglass.com/ to see their glass countertops portfolio go to http://www.cbdglass.com/categories/portfolio/glass-countertops