20 Stunningly Designed Staircases


People often do not pay as much attention to staircases like they do to other parts of a building. However more and more designs have made it clear that staircases are anything but common. If crafted well, they can transform from simply being a tool to climb up or down a level to an artistic rendition to the architect itself. They can easily elevate the outlook of a place with their presence, if only you knew how to get them stunning.

A design of the staircase can be considered at its best only if it can make optimal usage of the space available and most importantly takes a form that gives you a perfect view from top to bottom. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need a gigantic staircase to capture the attention. It is quite the contrary actually. If you look at the construction of Arquitectura en Movimiento, you would see that the staircase features a lyrical essence in it. With swooping lines gently laid out and open slots in between the small steps bringing in more light, you can see that it turns the room livelier.

Staircases are also used to make your living room more functional and there is none who can do it as best as Mieke Meijer has done at Object lev.  The studio if you see has shelving, storage and a desk combined into a single unit. When you have a home where every inch of space matters, you need solutions such as this so that there is optimal usage of the space available.

Be it a simple minimalist staircase or a grand one, there is no limit to the designs you can come up with when building a staircase. Here we bring to you some of the modern and uniquely well-designed staircases for your purview. Isay Weinfeld

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