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Suspended Bicycle Roundabout

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Dutch authorities have decided to solve the problem of congestion on bicycle lanes in the city of Eindhoven by constructing a suspended bicycle roundabout. Authorities in Eindhoven decided to solve the problem of Meerhovens busy roundabout area for Veldhoven, which is out of town, by separating traffic for the bikes. For the car, there was made ​​a simple intersection, while for the very busy bicycles traffic they built a suspended roundabout over the road.
Cycling has become popular in Holland in the late nineteenth century, shortly after it had been introduced in England and the United States, and became so popular that in 1890 the Dutch already built bike trails, and until 1911 there were owned the most bicycles per capita in all of Europe.
Netherlands is the country with most cyclists, 99.1% (from 16.5 million bikes for 16.6 million inhabitants). 27% of all trips in the Netherlands are made ​​with this type of transportation, this percentage reaching 60% in major cities. Infrastructure includes road bike lanes, cycle lanes, separated by roads, street bikes, where cyclists have priority over other means of transport, highways bikes for longer roads and faster riding.By ipv Delft is a Dutch design and engineering office.








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