Tentacle Shower Head


Love it or hate it, it doesn’t matter. What’s sure is that this shower head will get a reaction out of everyone. Plus, the idea of having multiple movable jets like that seems kind of logical, even if it’s slightly disturbing.

This shower head is by the UK company Vado and it’s aptly named Sculpture. The shower head boasts six flexible tentacles, that can be arranged anyway you like. It lets you twist, turn, and change their position into the one that suits you best. Sculpture can be affixed onto the ceiling, creating something different each time you get into the shower.

It looks slightly disturbing. It reminds us of something out of The Matrix or some kind of squid, but even so, you got to admit that this was a great idea. Sure, not everyone has the money or the space to set up extra nozzles for their showers. This is the next best thing. The tentacles can be arranged to shower a wider area, which is pretty neat.

In the morning, nothing wakes you up like a nice hot shower with strong jets. In fact, some people don’t even feel awake until they’ve had a shower. It’s part of a ritual and this shower head promises to improve this.

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