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Wanna be Surprised with the Glory of the Ark Encounter in Kentucky


The Ark Encounter opened in July 2016, and since its launch, the evangelical theme park, which is located close to Williamstown, Kentucky, has had over 4 million visitors. This summer, the park’s management expects to receive even more visitors.


This theme park has a recreation of the biblical account of Noah’s Ark. According to Genesis 6:14-16, God told Noah to build the ark in order to save eight humans and a male and female pair of every sort of creature from the deluge that God was about to unleash on the earth as a punishment for sin.


Outside of the Noah's Ark

Ark Encounter

A delegation of fundamentalist and creationist experts has visited the Ark Encounter several times. They’ve also authored a book on the ark’s sibling site, the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, called “Righting America at the Creation Museum.”


What they find most remarkable about the park is that it is a tourist attraction dedicated to emphasizing – with great clarity – God’s wrath and the everlasting torment that awaits unrepentant sinners.


A family in front of the replica of the Noah's Ark

Ark Encounter

How Big is the Ark Encounter

You’ve definitely seen illustrations of Noah’s Ark in children‘s books, replete with giraffe heads protruding from the roof. Yet the real one, as told in the Bible, was enormous. With dimensions of 510 feet long, 51 feet high, and 85 feet broad, this contemporary Ark demonstrates that Noah’s Ark was no dinghy. It is more than 1.5 times the length of a football field in the United States. It was completely seaworthy—a ship that kept the passengers safe amid a year-long global flood.


Inside of the evangelical theme park

Ark Encounter


The Living Quarters and Noah’s Study are two displays at the Ark Encounter that depict to viewers what living would have been like for Noah and his family aboard the Ark. Read about the many animal species aboard the Ark and how Noah and his family may have cared for all of the animals. Following a significant investigation, dozens of animal sculptures, furnishings, and props have been designed.


Bring your questions about Noah, his family, the animals, the Flood, the Ark, and the civilization of the pre-and post-Flood worlds with you, since you’re sure to find answers when you come.

Evangelical Theme Park

Ark Encounter


Evangelical Theme Park - The Ark Encounter

Ark Encounter



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