The Lamp Cabinet


The piece we are speaking about today is called Wha Cabinet and is a delicious and fun library that turns into a lamp! This is the new project created by Russian designer Tembolat Gugkaev, a nice library that is characterized by a structure shaped like a question mark, as well as for the books, lights turning into an original LED lamp! Not bad, do not you think? Let’s take a closer look at what it is!
If you are fed up of the usual classical libraries and are looking for something truly original and functional that at the same time furnishes your living room, you will certainly like Wha Cabinet!
Wha Cabinet is the library that certainly looks out of the ordinary. The real innovation is that the library is easily transformed into a practical reading lamp! All spaces are in fact illuminated while the outer surface is a large lamp ideal for nocturnal reading but also writing or simply illuminating small spaces.
All this is made ​​possible through the use of lighting equipment using LED that take up little space ensuring excellent performance. Of course, the library is not trivial white light but glows red, yellow, green and blue! So tell us what do you think about this piece?