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The Legoland Hotel in California

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If you happen to visit California, then you must visit the Legoland. This place is amazing and has a unique feature of its own. The artisanship of this will strike your senses. This was previously a place of amusement, but now it has been turned into a hotel for the visitors.
Now a three-story hotel, the lego land has 250 rooms. The hotel was completed with three million LEGO blocks. The green dragon is the piece of attraction in Lego Land that was made with four lakh lego pieces and was made in a time of four thousand hours.
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The Glacier National Park Izaak Walton Inn

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Eco Friendly Hotels: The Next Big Thing in Hospitality

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Tverskaya Sleepbox Hotel in Moskow

Taking a nap is very important sometimes, for it is known that napping for 20 minutes can help with refreshing your mind, improve overall alertness, boost mood and increase productivity. You probably are familiar with some cultures in hot climates usually, that serve an ample meal at midday and never do anyting else after eating,...