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The Mirror House

Situated in the Central Park in Copenhagen, Denmark, we can enjoy this interesting playground pavilion that was transformed into this “mirror house”. Previously covered in graffiti, the designers from the Danish practice MLRP, converted into an interactive element that is creating through it’s surfaces, a transition between the built and natural environments.
The sides of this building are clad with planks of heat-modified wood, with a series of windows and doors. How can this be attractive to people? Well everything is being spiced up by fun-house trick mirrors that reflect the dynamic activity that is happening in the park. The doors and windows may be opened to reveal portals to restrooms and flexible spaces that are at the disposal of every willing kindergarten class. Attracting people to see their distorted reflections are the bent planes disclosed to view outwards and also the doors are able to swing in a parallel way to the facade. These convex and concave elements are made out of mirror-glossy stainless steel plaques. What might seem magic for the children, is that at night, this outstanding building can transform into a dull one, because the shutters and panels can be closed, therefore all the interesting details are hidden.