Ocean Coil Collection

The Ocean Coil Collection is More than Lighting


Plastic would become one of the greatest inventions if it were not misused. Yes, technological developments allow us to meet many different needs. But unfortunately, companies never cared about nature in the first place. Therefore, plastic, which is very durable and non-healthy if produced and kept under certain conditions, is to blame. For our planet, we should choose sustainable solutions and, therefore, consume the products of companies that follow sustainability rules. The LightArt company is one of these companies that we should buy their products from. The company’s Ocean Coil Collection is essential regarding sustainability and plastic recycling.


The LightArt company revealed the Ocean Coil Collection, which is made from near-shore plastic and ocean-bound wastes. The collection consists of pendant lamps to beautify your home with sustainable raw materials. According to the statement LightArt made, the company checked to see what they could do to incorporate sustainable raw materials. They contacted OceanWorks, and they found their solution.


green lamps avobe a dining table



3D Printers for the Pendant Lamps

In 2020, digital printers will gain a reputation. For example, we heard that companies can even build residential towers with 3D printing. LightArt has been using 3D printers as their major production equipment for the Ocean Coil Collection. Moreover, The LightArt collects waste plastics from the shores and recycles them. The 100% recycled plastic is placed in the printer’s feeder. And here we are! The pendant lamps are ready!

green lamp



The lighting solution of LightArt has amazed the world. In addition, the colors and shapes of the ocean coil pendants are perfect for people looking for both sustainable and beautiful products. The recycled ocean plastic lighting is a good example of what we can achieve with our current waste. Let us keep in mind that we do not have to throw our waste away and forget about it. Even at home, you can work on plastic recycling and creating DIY products!

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