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The One Square Metre House

Have you heard about the world’s smallest house? Well you should definitely see this one, because no small house you’ve seen already is as small as the one that Van Bo Le-Metnzel of Hartz IV Möbel designed. It is exactly One Sqm. Together with Corinne Rose from Berlin’s BMW Guggenheim Lab they have decided to build a global village with this mobile tiny houses. Le-Metnzel has dedicated his life to studying the home concept. This house is remarkably adaptable, offering the possibility of rolling it away to any place you like, it can be laid down for when you need to go to sleep, or it can be seated upright so that it can be a meeting place or a mobile shop. The necessary to built such a house gets to the costs of €250. Rose and Le-Mentzel want to send the home into a six year tour around the world, counting particularly on Mumbai and New York residents. In other words, if you are tired of being bounded by expensive real estates or not being able to afford a space of your-own, you can call for a One-Sqm-House revolution. Would you join the cause?

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