Cat house Design

Here is the Perfect Cat House Design by Rolando Cedeño de la Cruz


Personally, I have been looking for the perfect cat house design for my cat. But guess what? I have never found it. The cat houses I found are not good enough, or they are not multifunctional. The cats do not only sleep in their house but also want to play and have fun. But, as you may have also observed until now, the cat houses have standard designs. The companies generally copy each other’s designs. But, thanks to the AI and designer Rolando Cedeño de la Cruz, or Rolo, we may have found the perfect cat house design.


Cubic Cat house with Knitting Yarns


We should never underestimate the power of technology and artificial intelligence. We have seen many designs created on Midjourney. The platform allows the users to describe their designs with text messages and design their unique products. Of course, the creativity and experience of the designers are important while designing for Midjourney. Look at the cat house design that Rolo shared a few weeks ago.


Cat house with several windows


The house is circular. Look at the colors that he used. Besides, we know that you thought it was wise to use knitting yarns and wool stuff. Rolo thought that the cats could play with these yarns. Besides, our cats can use these knitting yarns as scratching tools as well!

Moreover, Rolo did not forget about the comfort of the cats. The cats can feel safe inside their cat home. The cat home is closed on three sides. And they will have small windows where they can go in and out. You can even play hide and seek together!


Cat home with puffy bed inside


We cannot see inside the designs. But, when we check closely, the cat house has a puffy and soft bed. which is incredible because this is all the cats want. We are super excited about this cat house design. We hope some of the manufacturers are inspired by the designs and make an agreement with Rolo!


Prism shaped cat home