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The Toulouse Pavilion: An Amazing Building For Garden

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If you’re searching for an Amazing Building For Garden to add an extension to your house, then the Toulouse pavilion maybe be almost what you’re looking for. The pavilion is a fantastic garden structure, made out of high quality materials.It would be an excellent part to any garden or backyard. The two-floored pavilion can be use as a office, guesthouse or etc. It has two large and fully shipshape floors. The Toulouse pavilion is prefabricated so all you have to do is find the right mark to assemble it. It also has plus closed extension with door and canopy. If you have a wide range garden ande need extra living space the Toulouse pavilion is just for you.





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This slender house has a limited space. But the Space Architectska succeeded in utilizing every corner of the space.

6 x 18 Slender House will Surprise You with its Perfect Design

The world’s second most populated city is New Delhi, India. Millions of people try to survive in this beautiful but crowded city. The mesmerizing city has lots of opportunities with limited space. Thus, apartments are smaller when compared to smaller cities. Space Architects@ka designed a slender house in New Delhi. This slender house has a...
With significant investments in ambitious projects, Saudi Arabia nation is redefining the landscape of luxury travel.

Saudi Arabia Luxury Resort Project for Golf Lovers!

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has started positioning itself as a beacon of luxury and high-technology architecture. With significant investments in ambitious projects, the nation is redefining the landscape of luxury travel. Notably, the emergence of the Saudi Arabia luxury resort scene reflects this shift. Every year, we hear several luxury resort projects in Saudi...