Tiny House Design “Nido”

Robin Falck wanted to build a place of his own, therefore in 2010 he thought about this slot he already had and got set to design a compact get-away by him self. Therefore, being his project, he would have to build it himself using local/recycled materials. To be able to build everything without a permit, he had to stay under 9 square meters, and so he did, being forced to maximize this space. Don’t think Robin didn’t research for the design, when he got to a final idea he contacted an architect to give an authorized approval for the building to start. Therefore, it only took two weeks to finish this cabin, a week later arriving the door and the window. You might be asking if only one window is enough for all the needed natural light in the house, well if you have the right angle and the right size, then the answer is Yes, plus, it is a pleasant way to bring in the beautiful surroundings. Concerning the space divisions, on the first floor there is a lounge area with a micro-kitchen, while on the 2nd story loft is a sleeping area and storage space. The name for this perfect little house that keeps you in touch with the nature is “Nido” which in Italian it means “birds nest”. Enjoy!

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