Tiny House POD Idladla


Having a small office workspace in your house is what every person thinks about. This can be made possible with Tiny House Pod Idladla in your backyard. This Pod Idladla is pre-fabricated, modular nano-home, crafted in South Africa.

The tiny house is surely an eye-catching, having a versatile area for its users. We have always craved for a creative home office and with Pod Idladla; our need might just come to an end. This tiny house is well designed to be put together in a variety of configurations that will ensemble according to your requirements.

It ranges from tiny work place to a larger dwelling as per the number of pre-fabricated 17m square units you use. The outside area could have flower pots hanging from the rods and some furniture in case your colleagues also want to join your tiny work space.

The Pod Idladla includes several drawers to keep your files safe and a small kitchen to serve yourself some hot coffee when tired of work load. This area is reached through a series of staircase. Your guests might want to visit your place every day, maybe only for work purpose or just for a cup of coffee.

Tiny House POD Idladla 1 Tiny House POD Idladla 2 Tiny House POD Idladla 3 Tiny House POD Idladla 4 Tiny House POD Idladla 5 Tiny House POD Idladla 6 Tiny House POD Idladla 7