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Train Like Planter Made From Old Crates To Adorn Your Garden

Most people love to upgrade from an apartment to a home with a garden as the touch of outdoors makes all the difference in the quality of one’s lives. However, even if one does not like to live in a restrictive apartment space, having a garden with a home can lead to a lot of work. Gardens need to be tended and looked after in order to keep the space looking beautiful. Many wish to add a makeover to a garden space but often wonder how to go about it. If you are handy with tools and have discarded old crates around, here is a simple yet an innovative creation that can be added as garden decor.

This planter is built in the form of a train that will surely make a difference to your outdoor space. Old wooden crates or pallets can be structured in the form of train components as shown here. Once the structure of the train is created, every carriage can act as a planter. All you need to do is add on oil to them and plant flowering plants in them. This unique train designed planter is sure to become a talking point among your neighbors.