Trash Container Converted To Swimming Pool


Everyone has a vision of their dream house and in every dream house you will find a swimming pool. Not only is the pool a requisite for outdoor activities it also adds to the look of the house. You could easily make your neighbors go green with envy by setting a swimming area within the premises of your property. So if you already own your dream house, setting up a pool will not be a tough task. However, if you cannot do it, because of space constraints or other reason fear not, there is a DIY to create your own swimming pool. Yes, a DIY swimming pool! This gentleman here, who is known as Stefan Beese from New Orleans has converted a dumpster container into a beautiful swimming pool. Mr. Beese is a designer who vey beautifully used a 40 yards dumpster and made it into a pool. The entire project cost him around $2500 which is much less as compared to setting up a real swimming area. The finish is really nice and practical; besides, no one could say that it was a dumpster initially. The below mentioned video will definitely help you in understanding how he went about it, and you could create your own pool as well.

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