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Tree House in Modular Furniture

Inspired by a classical tree house, Malcew designed the break out furniture that is forming a place for reflection and contemplation. Designed in an old warehouse in Singapore specially for a co-working office space, the pieces are really flexible and offer a variety of arrangments simply by taking out the large cushions and spreading them across the room. The tree house can be prepared to improvise meetings by joining it together, or it can create a feeling of privacy without being fully enclosed by positioning it separately. In other words you can arrange this tree house to satisfy your desired tasks being performed in it. The natural look of the house is ensured by the white oak finish. When placing a few houses under the high-ceiling office plan, they will act like space dividers forming different neighborhoods. Hope you find this “tree house” design and make sure you tell us if you find it improving in the office building you work in.