Triple Hammock Design


A symbol of summer resting, leisure, swinging or sleeping, the hammock is a sling made of netting, rope or fabric, suspended between two points. The classic hammock consists of a cloth panel, or a thin rope or a woven network of twine stretched with ropes between two anchor points such as posts or trees. They were initially invented for sleeping by the native South and Central America inhabitants. Later, the hammock got to be used aboard ships to maximize space and enable comfort, but it was used also by soldiers and explorers travelling in difficult regions, and it eventually was used by parents for babies that just learned to crawl.
The guys from Trinity Hammocks created a triple hammock that is giving this concept a whole new look. The small teak table is centered by three hammocks, all suspended by a stainless steel tubular structure. It is a gorgeous modern piece that can easily fit in your backyard or at the beach. The designers made two models: Eternity and Infinity. The first has a traditional look with a hexagonal roof, while the second is built with three circles leaning toward the center. The designer of this concept is Gilbert Tourville, and his inspiration was the people trying to transform the outdoors into a community living space that you can enjoy with friends or family. You can buy Eternity and Infinity