Turn a Flowerpot Into a Bird-Feeder


Since there is this trend that encourages us to recycle and re-purpose items, we would like to share with you this bird-feeder you will be fond of immediately. You will find this suited for a project that you can make with family or friends for it is relaxing, fun and easy to do. You will need: flowerpot made of terracotta or clay; two saucers that can cover the top of your flowerpot like a lid; glass and tile drill bits (1/2″ for seed openings, 1/8″ for hanging); approximately 2 feet of vinyl coated wire rope; 1/8″ ferrule and stop set; pliers. 
Procedure: Drill a few holes in the center of each saucer. If you want to, you can also add 3 drainage holes in the base saucer. Continue with 3 seed holes at almost an inch above the bottom of the flowerpot. Now, through the base saucer, flowerpot and top saucer, thread the wire rope. At the base and top you should put a stop the ferrule onto the wire using the pliers to clamp it. You can add whatever embellishments you feel the need to add.