Turn Old CDs Into Easter Decorations


Holiday decorating can be so much fun if you have time and especially if you love diy projects and crafts. We thought about presenting you this project that will add a pop of color to your holidays. For this easter decorations you will need: a few CDs, paint, napkins with different patterns, thin brushes, scissors, a can of varnish, decoupage paper, glue, thin rope, super glue and a dish sponge.

Now, take each CD and fill in the empty space with some paper. Then cut the decoupage paper and glue it to each CD. Take the napkins and soak them into a bowl of water for a little bit. Cut them and put them over the decoupage paper and apply varnish with the help of a brush. With the help of the dish brush, gently rub the surface when the varnish has dried. This will help to remove the imperfections, if there are any. Now take the ropes, cut them into strings (you choose the length) and glue them to the CDs with super glue. Ready! You can display your cute decorations wherever you want!