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Byeonkyu Park achieved something valuable: organic fertilizer from food compost, the Toogle.

You can Turn Your Food Waste into Fertilizer with the Toggle

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In today’s world, everything is artificial. It is impossible to know which food is manufactured organically. Byeonkyu Park achieved something valuable: organic fertilizer from food compost, the Toogle. Manufacturing organic fertilizer is not new. But we have to appreciate every design that contributes to bigger goods.


The system of compost turn food into fertilizer not only champions sustainability but also reconnects us with the natural cycle of life and growth. At the forefront of this eco-friendly revolution is Byeonkyu Park, who embodies the spirit of turning the overlooked into the essential, reminding us of the beauty and effectiveness inherent in recycling and renewal.


Image Credits: Byeonkyu Park


Eco-Friendly Solution

By transforming food scraps into fertilizer, this device promotes a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition, it aligns with the global shift towards eco conscious living.

Waste Reduction

Toggle tackles the issue of food and packaging waste head-on. It efficiently converts both edible and inedible parts of meal deliveries. In addition, the organic fertilizer from the food compost system includes “green” food waste and “brown” materials like cardboard, which are converted into valuable compost, ensuring that nothing is wasted.


the system of food compost


Convenience and Efficiency of the Toggle

With Toggle, Byeonkyu Park brought comfort into your home. For instance, it eliminates the need to transport organic waste to recycling or composting centers. The design of food waste into fertilizer simplifies waste management by combining a shredder for paper and a grinder for food waste to produce high-quality fertilizer effortlessly.

Home Gardening Support

You can turn food waste into soil nutrients. Because, for those nurturing a green thumb, Toggle provides an excellent source of home made fertilizer. This not only enriches the soil for indoor and outdoor plants but also fosters a deeper connection with the environment by directly contributing to the health of your home garden.


home gardening support


Sophisticated Design of the Toggle

Byeonkyu Park crafted the Toggle to blend seamlessly into the modern home. In addition, its stylish, can-like appearance conceals the less appealing aspects of composting, offering a sleek, attractive appearance. In addition, its easy-to-use solution encourages more responsible waste handling.


Toggle has mechanisms in place to ensure it is safe for households with children. This aspect underscores the device’s family-friendly appeal. Therefore, it contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Food waste into fertilizer


cardboard waste into fertilizer


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