Turning A Can Tab Into A Survival Fish Hook


In survival case or times of crisis a fish hook can come in useful, specially when you get lost in a jungle and have to fish for your meal. You can turn a can tab into a fishing hook in less than 10 minutes with this very cool trick. The tools you will need would be nice if you have them as a part of your survival kit. To create your own hook you just need a can tab, file and wire cutter. Firstly, you need to cut an opening in the can tab and then you can start shaping your hook. Cut the hook closely, remove all the metal around and use the file to shape and sharpern the hook until it become really sharp but you should bequite careful not to hurt yourself in this progress. Then control the back of the hook and be sure it is the top of the tab can is not damaged. You need to tie the thread, now you can start finishing.

F4OOM02GO6VAB5J.MEDIUMHere’s the link for more details Instuctables