Tverskaya Sleepbox Hotel in Moskow

Taking a nap is very important sometimes, for it is known that napping for 20 minutes can help with refreshing your mind, improve overall alertness, boost mood and increase productivity. You probably are familiar with some cultures in hot climates usually, that serve an ample meal at midday and never do anyting else after eating, but a siesta. When visiting Russia, you will be able to use this Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya as a place to stay or just take a short nap. Arch Group is a Russian studio that took an old building in Moscow and equipped it with these stylish portable sleeping capsules for creating this unique hotel. The building was 4 story and is situated not far from the Kremlin. Also equiped with LED reading lamps and electric outlets, these mobile modules can welcome up to two people on the beds inside. For showering and the toilets you have to go on your floor, and the lobby of this Sleepbox features a reception, information area and also individual lockers. Enjoy!


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