Unique Floating Hotel With Catamaran


This is a unique floating hotel with catamaran project that was developed by a studio called the Salt & Water which aimed at promoting tourism along the inland waters. The hotel was designed to be floating and presented no violation of the natural surroundings. The floating hotel with Catamaran consists of two parts, the apartment units on the Catamaran and the central floating unit. The central unit consists of the main reception area, the event hall, restaurant, café and staff offices while the apartment catamarans can be reached by the guests via pathways that are interconnected.

The apartments are so designed that they can be separated from the deck and navigated to other locations as the guests wish to. The catamarans are equipped with a salon area as well as a bathroom, hall room with storage space as well as a galley and a sleeping area. The apartments can accommodate from two to four people easily. The beach platform makes it possible for the inmates to enjoy sunbathing, fishing, diving and swimming. The catamarans are designed to navigate through the inland waters at slow speeds and are equipped with large windows overlooking the river and surroundings and allowing the guests to get an adequate glimpse of the surroundings.

Unique Floating Hotel With Catamaran 1 Unique Floating Hotel With Catamaran 2 Unique Floating Hotel With Catamaran 3 Unique Floating Hotel With Catamaran 4