Valentines under the moon

Valentine’s Day Home Decoration Ideas


Every 14th of February, the whole world gets excited because of Valentine’s Day. It is the special day when we express our love to our valentines in more special way. Of course, it should not be the only day we show our love to our beloved ones. Every day should be special for couples. But it is a tradition that the whole world celebrates.


Valentine's Day celebration


The First Valentine’s Day in History

There are many rumors about how Valentine’s Day started. In order not to get things complicated for you, we would like to share the earliest version. According to the story, the Romans had a festival in the middle of February. The name of the festival was Lupercalia. The people were celebrating the beginning of spring. During the festival, boys were drawing the names of the girls from a box. After picking names, the boy and the girl could be a couple. Moreover, sometimes they ended up marrying. After some years, the Church decided to celebrate this festival as a Christian celebration under the name of Saint Valentine. Later, the day was celebrated as Valentine’s Day, and the lovers started to express their feelings to their beloved ones on that day.


How can I decorate my home for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day planning starts in the last week of January generally. The ones who would like to prepare something special at home for their partners ask this question: “How can I decorate my home for Valentine’s Day?” We have some ideas for you! Some of them might be cliché for you, but we believe you can find something suitable for you.



Candles are great for converting an area into a romantic one. Candles change the atmosphere immediately. There are many kinds of candles, such as standard, different-shaped, aromatic, etc. You can pick several candles in order to start your Valentine’s Day decorations.


Candles for Valentine's Day



Most of the time, people put cookies in jars for Valentine’s Day decorations. We think that not everyone likes cookies. Therefore, you should think about what your Valentine likes. For example, some people simply like salty snacks, while others like to mix both salty and sweet snacks. So, you can create a mixture that your partner likes. Later, you can put your snacks in jars or fancy bowls.




Memorable Items

You can place memorable items in your house. For example, memorable items can include your photographs, a seashell, a key holder, a receipt, etc. You can think of your memories that are important for your relationship and place tangible items about them around your home. We think this is the most romantic step for Valentine’s Day decorations.


Memorable items for valentines


Decorated Walls

If you have space in your walls, it may be nice to decorate your walls special for Valentine’s Day. You can hang your photographs, note papers, an LED strip light, or some decorative items special for that day.


Wall decoration



While you are spending time in your home for Valentine’s Day, we think that a song list might be a great help for you. If you choose songs that you and your partner love, that would be perfect. We advise you to add both romantic songs and lilting ones to your list.


Playlist for Valentines Day


Romantic Table

Romanticism does not only include heart-shaped items or red shades everywhere. For some, romanticism means the fun and struggles that the couple had during their relationship. Therefore, a romantic dinner may mean something different for you. Of course, you can add red candles and notepaper to the table. But if you want to be different, you can choose your partner’s favorite color as your theme color. In addition, as a dish, you can prepare the first dish you had together, your favorite dish you love to eat together, etc. Try to create a balanced and romantic dinner according to the dynamics of your relationship. The question was, “How can I decorate my home for Valentine’s Day?”, right? We think you are ready to start decorating.


Valentine's day dinner